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June 15, 2018

CXC Podcast Episode #44 - The Etherington Brothers Pt. 2: The Kickstarter Playground

"You’re always one small change away from being a huge success" - The Etherington Brothers

Get ready for greatness nerd nation. This week we’ve got the Etherington Brothers. You heard it right. They are responsible for the #1 comic U.K. comic kickstarter of all time. Long story short, when it comes to indie comics, these brothers really know what they’re doing. We’re madly lucky to have them with us sharing their knowledge of kindness, community and crushing kickstarters. 

When it comes to comics, no one is more open than the Etherington brothers. They have dedicated time each day to respond, reach out and connect with their following. Dedication makes the experience feel much more genuine. Take that and add in their travel schedule and you’ve got two creators that really make it a point to be in front of the audience they write stories for. What makes it even more interesting is their professional client list, their list of indie projects and their families. Bottom line: they manage to stay dedicated to comics and be (as they put it) 50-50 parents at the same time. They share some of their tips, tricks and techniques in the realm of time management. If you really wanna do comics along with raising a family or another 9 to 5 job, this is the podcast for you.

We also get into social networking. There’s a different audience for each social network. Take the time to figure out what content belongs on which social media network and don’t be afraid to be exclusive. Everyone loves instagram, but twitter is still massively underserved in comics. Think about what you would post on deviantart. Think about what you’d post specifically on tumblr. Keep your doors open and learn to experiment.  Bill Watterson is the perfect early example of leaving room for experimentation in story.

Their super successful Kickstarter was for a tutorial book called “How to Think When You Draw” and it had an initial goal of 1,000 pounds. Let’s just say it went viral. Robin and Lorenzo go in depth about running Kickstarters with years of experience. If you want your next comic kickstarter to go way beyond your expectation, listen up. Above all: never lose that youthful spirit that is adaptation and curiosity. Hold onto that and success is only a matter of time.


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Bill Watterson/Calvin and Hobbes:

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Twitter: @etheringtonbros

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